Right-click paste fails when selecting a drive

For a while now I've noticed a bug in DOpus on my PC whereby a right-click paste action always fails when I right-click on a drive (to paste). It works fine on any folder.

I've tried this with files and folders, both fail to paste (no matter if I use cut or copy). Also tried it on local drives, network drives and usb disks. The paste option disappears from the right-click menu after using it, but nothing has happened.

Anyone else seen this bug or knows a way to solve it?

Works fine here, at least on my Vista machine. I tried both the Folder Tree and My Computer.

Do you see the same problem in Explorer?

Do you have permission to copy files to the root of the drives?

Hmm, I do have the same problem in Windows Explorer. I checked the security settings for a drive and my user account is in the group which has all rights.. :confused:

I don't get it.