Right-click vs keyboard context menu key

Hi all!

I tried to search for some threads about this issue but couldn't find any.

I'm wondering if the rest of you can replicate my problem. I'm heavily using the keyboard to control DOpus and I've stumbled upon an annoying thing. It's to do with selecting multiple files and folders and using the context menu-key on my keyboard.
For example, trying to add files to a rar-archive differs between using the keyboard key and right-clicking to bring up the context menu.

I do it like this (DOpus is set in Power mode):
1: I navigate through the files I want to add to the archive, selecting multiple files by hitting the space bar.
2a: I then hit the context menu key on my keyboard, bringing up the menu. This menu will only give me operation choices based on the last file I selected.
2b: I instead right-click on the last file I selected, this brings up the "normal" behavior of the menu, in which one of the selections is to add all the selected files to an archive, as opposed to the event in 2a, where I'm only able to add the last selected file to an archive.

I get a feeling this isn't really how it's supposed to work. Or did I miss a crucial hint in the Power mode description?
This behavior doesn't apply to Details mode, where right clicking and using the keyboard gives the same results; Enables you to add all the files you selected to the archive.