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Right clicking Drive letter = crash

Since upgrading to v11, I have experienced a Program Error every time I right click on a drive letter in the folder tree. I get the error 0xC00000005 that others report for similar errors. The message warns that I can continue, but Dopus always closes after that.

I'm running v11.5 x64 build 5298. I have learned, the hard way, to use Windows File Explorer to get drive statistics, but wonder why this happens with v11 when it never happened, on the same machine, as v10.

Not a huge issue, worldwide efficient distribution of food and clean water still rank ahead of this, followed closely by whether my dog is getting enough cheese.

This FAQ may help.

Tried it, but in this three minute, where's-the-simple-solution?-world we live in, it didn't seem to change the crash behavior. (Read the instructions? Are you kidding?)

I'll just avoid using the right mouse button on drive letters from now on. If I really need to check the size of a drive, I'll use Windows Explorer. Thanks, Jon.

Same problem here: right-clicking on a filename causes Dopus to close without even saying good-bye. Running 11.6.1 (beta)

This FAQ may help.