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Right mouse button moving files?


I’ve tested other managers before but Dopus overall is the best. There is one option another manager has that is simply great and I would like to have that in Dopus. It saves so much time. You ca see the screenshot below. Left mouse button copies files, Right mouse button moves files. Can this be done in Dopus? I have not found a topic that gives me this exactly.


Yes you can. Read this: Multiple Function Buttons
You can also take a look at the built-in multi function buttons like the Undo button


Thank you. I think this explains the issue and it might be better to follow Dopus config and simply use the shift key. Because you can do cool stuff and move and convert pics for example.!Documents/Filetypes.htm

My only complaint, the learning curve is steep.


You can configure different actions for drag & drop with the Left/Middle mouse buttons (as a single event), as well as when Ctrl, Shift or Alt are held down. And also (separate) actions for double-click with Left and Middle buttons.

Drag & drop with the Right mouse button will (almost*) always open a (configurable) menu of further choices. (*You can change what the right button does in Power Mode, but you’re probably better off using the Left and Middle buttons if you want copy and move on separate mouse buttons.)

By the way, Amorax’s answer was about toolbar buttons (like “Copy Files”, “Move” and “Rename” on the default toolbars) being able to have separate left, right and middle-click actions. You can copy and move things via toolbar buttons as well, but what he linked to does not apply to drag & drop. The FileTypes area, which you’ve found, is the right place to look for configuring drag & drop actions.