Right mouse button stopped working, requires Dir Opus restart

All of a sudden the right mouse button stopped working. I recall there was some special script I needed to execute somewhere to get control of a mouse for Directory Opus but I forget where it is. There should be permanent enablement of the Right & Left mouse buttons.

All of a sudden, all I can do is view files but I can't move or copy them anywhere. Well I can do a manual Cut and then Paste one by one. If I exit Dir Opus completely & then Restart it, then it works.

OS Windows-10 Pro 64 but.

It sounds like you've accidentally switched into Power Mode instead of Details Mode, and have Power Mode configured to do other things with the mouse buttons.

If you want standard left and right mouse button behavior, avoid Power Mode, as it's only purpose is to allow people to change what the mouse buttons do.

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Thanks, I think restarting O cleared the Power mode. Of course I'd like to see how I can set mouse buttons in power mode as I'm using a razor mouse with these 6 lighted side-buttons on it.

Event happened again. No mouse control. I looked and absolutely cannot find Power Mode to disable it. I don't believe it's under views. Where is Power Mode located and how do I turn it off permanently?

This is really bad programming. Dir Opus apparently defaults into some mode, which can't be easily turned off, which leaves it unworkable.

Power Mode is under View:


It also would not ever turn itself on; it can only be turned on explicitly.

See this FAQ if it has been turned on for some folders/layouts/etc. and you need to reset things:

Yes, I've seen that. I've made sure that Power Mode is NOT selected under the View options. Yet the R-mouse button still doesn't work. There must be some lower level command function that is slipping thru and turning off the mouse buttons even though Power mode is deselected.

I've Googled and these Dir Opus Right Mouse button issues have been recurrent for years.

I'm going to look at YouTubes for configuring the mouse buttons under Power Mode. Maybe if I can reconfigure it under Power Mode it'll work under regular mode? Something is not getting turned off under Regular mode I think.

If you're not in Power Mode then using Power Mode isn't the answer. Power Mode will only complicate things further, so I advise against that.

There is no widespread issue here that I know of. If you search back through decades of posts you'll find a few similar things but they've all been resolved, usually by people switching out of Power Mode, or by them fixing problems with shell extensions breaking the right-click menus in some way. (The menus usually appear though, or something happens, not just nothing at all.)

If there was a problem in the programming of Opus which meant right-click menus didn't work in general, we would have hundreds of threads on the forum about it every month.

  • Which folders are you right-clicking when you test things?

  • Where are you doing the right-click? (Folder tree, file display, toolbar buttons can all do different things when right-clicked, for example.)

  • If you turn on Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides) and then reboot, does that make a difference? (If so, a shell extension something has installed is the issue, and we can go into how to track down the one causing the problem.)

  • Have you configured your mouse drivers, of a tool like AutoHotkey (AHK) to change what the mouse buttons do in particular programs or in general?

  • Did you remember what the script was that you mentioned in your first post? Details of that may provide a clue as to what's going on with your machine or configuration. The script itself may even be involved. Was it an Opus script tor an AHK script or something else?