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Right mouse click closes DOpus window. Why?

DOpus has recently developed an annoying habit of closing down when I right-click on a folder or file in the display pane. By "closing down" I mean the open window closes. DOpus remains as an icon in the Taskbar.

It doesn't always happen (perhaps 50% of the time) and I cannot discern any pattern in what causes the anomalous behaviour. I use a Logitech wireless mouse (and have the latest set of drivers installed) but replacing it with a Microsoft 'corded' mouse makes no difference, so I'm pretty sure the problem is with DOpus, not the mouse.

Reinstalling DOpus does not cure the problem. Right-clicking on a folder or file when in Microsoft Explorer doesn't shut the Explorer window, which again suggests that it is very much a DOpus issue.

Can anyone suggest how I might fix this problem? (I have submitted a Support Request to GPSoft but have so far had no response -- other than an automated e-mail acknowledgement).

In the meantime I have had to resort to using Windows Explorer as my default program because this constant involuntary shutting down of the DOpus window when I right-click an item is driving me potty.

Sounds like a context menu shell extension is crashing inside of Opus. (If you move the mouse over the tray icon you'll find it vanishes as well. The tray doesn't notice when apps exit/crash without removing their icons, until you move the mouse over them.)

To work out what's causing the problem follow the steps in this FAQ: Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files

Thanks for your help. I worked through the procedure you pointed me towards and the DOpus crashes now seem to have stopped. It looks as though the problem was being caused by some Registry detritus left over from jriver Media Center, which may not have been cleared when I uninstalled that program.