Right Side File options not adopted in Dual mode

After setting up/modifying the options for the default EXPLORER lister style, switching to DUAL mode from single (via the toolbar button for example) fails to adopt the RIGHT FILE DISPLAY options.

In particular, I set the right side option to POWER rather than DETAIL but switching to DUAL mode, the right side came up in DETAIL.

Have a read of the Folder Formats FAQ linked in my signature.

Not helpful.

Did not address my question at all regarding the default file display for the EXPLORE style that I am using.

If you are simply trying to tell me top use another method, I'm more interested in the answer to my question... not in bypassing bugs

Please see the section in options dealing with lister styles that are selecatble from a default toolbar on the manager. Each style contains a list of options which hopefully are adopted. Are all these over-riden by folder formats (including custom) ? What use are they if custon always trumps the sttings anyway ?

Sorry, I see what you mean now.

Styles only apply changes when you click on them. After that they don't have any effect. So if a Style defines settings for the right-side but the right-side isn't visible when you apply it -- and isn't turned on by the style either -- then those settings have no effect. It's not really a bug, that's just how styles work.

I don't know if it's something which can be changed or not. (I don't know if Opus can remember the right-side settings set by a style for later, in case the right side is then opened.)

As things are at the moment, you can either create a style ("Explorer Dual" or similar) which opens and sets the right-side pane to Power Mode or you can make Power Mode the default for all new panes.

OK... THX ... I understand