Rightclick contextmenu in power mode

I frequently like to rightclick (contextmenu) on a file to perform what is usually a specific action for that file. Howevever, in power mode I notice that this doesn't deselect the previous item defeating the basic purpose of the rightclick contextmenu (in my opinion).

Is there really a good reason for the context menu option of the right click to maintain the prior selection ?

I am also unable top determine the distinction between CONTEXTMENU and CONTEXTMENU (SELECT).

Details mode basically does the same but i think it all has to do with the file extention. I've you have selected two different file types - lets say an ISO and RAR file - and you'd rightpress them, the context menu wont display the file type properties you may have set for them. In the event you've selected similar files - and therefore similar filetypes - the file type properties will be displayed in the context menu.

You misinderstand.
When I right click on the file for which I wish to access the menu, the prior selection stays selected.. In other words, there is no deselect taking place.

As a result, I must left click an item to select it (and deselect what was selected) and then right click ... That's 2 clicks to accomplish what I want to in 1.

i know what you mean, but thats just the nature of Power Mode. Having the ability to select/deselect multiple files very quickly. I've tested the different settings for PM selectable in the preferences section for the rightmouse event but wasnt able to produce the setting you're looking for.
The auto-deselect option comes close but wont open a file context menu. You want this auto-deselect function combined with the context menu (select) option, well sort of. When i select two or more files in a lister, with the auto-deselect option enabled for the rightmouse, and rightpress a additional file, it will deselect the other two files. Combine this with the context menu (select) option and your there cause it will deselect the other two and give you the context menu of the newly select file. There another situation possible - and this is probably what you want - where you want the file context menu to appear only for the file you rightpress altough multiple files are selected.

Is this possible as of now? Anyone?

With three options in preferences covering the CONTEXT MENU, I am surprised that none of these covers what I want. Maybe I am just weird in how I do things. :smiley:

You can submit your request with GPSoftware. I think its a welcome addition to Power Mode.

good luck