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Rightclick on file let d"opus crash

I installed D'opus 11 on my system. When i rightclick on exe file or any file, D'opus crashes.
I already uninstalled D'opus totally and installed it again notching changed.
I had D'opus running on win7, Win8 and Win10, after a new install of Win10 the problem occurred.
D'opus is setup as a compleet replacement voor explorer.
i have the latest version of D'opus and Win10 is also updated.

Does somebody have an idea what is going on.



A shell extension something has installed on your system is crashing.

See Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files.

I have the same today after a windows update on a 7 and 10 system - working fine for years, and now a right click in a pane freezes DOPUS for five minutes. It's a real PITA. No idea yet what the exact culprit is, but the quickfix suggested in Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files solved the problem at the cost of losing all the non Opus context.

If 1. Extremely Quick Fix works, then the 2. Finding The Culprit section after has steps for working out what was causing the problem and disabling just that component instead of all the others.

If Opus was crashing then there should also be some crash dumps which you can email to us, but you need to link your account first before we'll do that level of investigation.

If you (via the guide) or a crash dump can identify the component causing the problem then we and/or the component's authors should be able to provide a fix or a workaround.