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Rookie Question On Modifying Toolbars - Drag & Drop and edit

I know this must be easy but I'm missing something (probably small.)

I just watched the tutorial on making 3 button toolbars.

The tutorial shows dragging buttons around and having them land in other areas of the toolbar..

My problem is -- nothing drags and drops for me... I have 'lock toolbars' off and when I try moving the toolbars around it doesn't even look like it's dragging.

I have set up a 3 button item on the toolbar and I'm trying to combine them.

Am I missing something here? Do I need to be in a certain state? I am in customize on the toolbar menu. I'm trying to follow the tutorial exactly.

Are you trying to move the toolbars or the buttons on them?

the buttons.

[quote]I have set up a 3 button item on the toolbar and I'm trying to combine them.
Perhaps I don't really understand.
I'm wondering though, are you are attempting to merge three separate buttons into one 3 button ?

If this is true,
It should drag and drop if you :
[ul]1) Create a new button.
2) Right click on the new button and select 3 button.
3) Click on the new button while still in Customize Mode.
4) Drag and drop to the sub-button area then displayed below the 3 button.[/ul]


I'm able to add new buttons as you suggested but I cannot drag and drop.

Thanks jimerb.

It's a start at least.
We've narrowed it down some.
Hopefully that will help Admin some with this.

[Drag & Drop does not work for files or when customizing toolbars)

FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you so much. That is what it was. I thought I was going nuts following the demo to a T.

Dang Nero!

Suggestion: A link to the registry fix would be EXTREMELY helpful for those watching the tutorial in the how to section. Maybe a post below pointing to the issue.

Never mind about the suggestion above. I added it myself.