Root Button Manager

Could you make a 'Root' button manager, so the user can configure what their definition of root is, please.

Every time I hit root it just takes me to the start of my drive. Ok but the drive buttons exist.
If I'm deep in my pictures folder and I push the root button I want it to take me back to the main pictures folder, not C:.
Or in a library, like music, I want it to take me back to the beginning of the library. Basically any master folder that branches into its jurisdiction.

You could easily do that already with scripting, or maybe even just simple @ifpath conditions.

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Ok good, I will find how to do that.
I have another example of something. I would want my ratings column to sort by most stars at the top on the first click, not putting them on the bottom, then have to click again to invert it.
If I can script that out somehow, fine, but I'm noting that the default behavior is wrong.

You can change that from Preferences / File Display Columns / Appearance.

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Works like a charm, thank you. You guys thought of everything.

I found the home button. (Not sure if it's new for v13)

Instead of 'root', I can use this button as I wanted root to work. Using it in conjunction with tab groups, it's working well with six different tabs open. Each tab goes back (collapses) to its respective sub-root, when clicking this home button. I just have to save a new tab group to define the root locations. Perfect