Rotating Images - stop making .bak files?

Whenever I rotate pictures (using the toolbar button), it always makes a .bak backup of the file. I would like to be able to turn this off. I dug around in the options and forums and couldn't find anything. Thank you.

The .bak file is only a temporary file and should be removed once the rotation completes. Is that not happening for you? (If so, what type of drive are you using? Network or local, for example.)

Ahh, I see. Yes it turns out that it is getting removed. I am doing this on an SMB mapped drive. I have noticed before that refreshes don't constantly happen and I have to manually refresh to see updated file lists when looking at the network folders.

There's a guide to that problem, although some Linux/Samba servers, if that's what's being used, just don't report changes very often (it wasn't a feature of early Linux kernels).