Run as... in context menu

I'd like to move the "Run as..." entry of the context menu for .exe files to a sub menu. When I open the file type editor, it looks like I can do it just fine. I create a new sub-menu, put "Run as..." in there, along with another function that I use to open a command prompt and automatically run a program. I save my changes, get out of the file type editor, and right-click on an .exe file. The new sub-menu appears, but with only the one entry. "Run as..." has removed itself from the sub-menu and reclaimed its normal position on the context menu. Opening the file type editor again, "Run as..." is still shown as being in the sub-menu.

Is this some kind of bug?


I see the same thing. I don't know whether it's Opus doing something wrong, or something special about the runas item. I get the impression runas is treated specially by Windows because the command-line is just "%1" %* which doesn't mean much to me on its own.

I guess you're right, Nudel. When I open the file type editor, I couldn't change the "Run as..." command to another type (for example, "Run an Opus Function"). I was about to give up. Then I thought, well, I don't ever use "Run as..." anyway, and why does it have the same command line as "Open" in the actions..... so I just deleted the "Run as..." entry on the context menu. Then I closed the file type editor and went to check to see if it was really gone. It was. Then I wondered if putting it back would result in the same problem. So I opened the file type editor and put it back where I wanted it, in the sub-menu. It stayed there. It didn't kick itself out of the sub-menu.

Problem solved. I don't know why or how, but the problem's solved. Thanks again, Nudel.