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what I'm looking for is a way to have two DOpus running with different user profiles at the same time on the same desktop.

Usually I do this with 'Run as...' but with DOpus this doesn't work. It only starts a new lIster with the profile the first instance of DOpus is running in.

Is there a way?


DOpus 10/Windows XP SP3

There can only be one instance of Opus per session (desktop).

What are you trying to do by running multiple instances under different accounts? There may be another way to get the same thing done without requiring multiple instances.

I was afraid that this might be the answer.

Mainly doing some administration work, changing folder/file permissions etc.

I know I could quit DOpus than 'Run as admin' and after that quit again, and start DOpus as user and recognize I did wrong and quit again and 'Run as admin'... uncomfortable I would say :wink:

Another situation: A user is working on the computer with DOpus running. I have to copy something to a USB drive. Yes I could make 'Windows+l' but that is very time consuming. I also could quit the DOpus sessien of the other user, 'Run as...' with my profile, do what I have to do, and back again. But I think of that as uncomfortable too.

I'm really open for suggestions. It's the first time since years that I actually think of a change concerning my file manager.


The admin use-case is what UAC is for, which works great with Opus, but obviously UAC is not part of Windows XP so that rules that out (at least until you are forced to upgrade Windows in the next couple of years. :slight_smile:).

When I have needed to manage files on the local machine under more than one user account, I've done it by creating network shares (or re-using existing or built-in ones, where appropriate) and then mapping drives to them as different users, via \localhost. (You can also use the machine's WINS name, fully-qualified DNS name, and its IP address to trick Windows into allowing you to map to shares under more than one account.)


Obviously, that rules it out.

I hope you're not offended if I consider that uncomfortable either.

DOpus is an amazing tool, but it seems not the suitable one for me.

Thank you for the time you spend trying to help. Maybe you can add some and give a brief explanation about why DOpus have to be restricted to one instance per session?


This could easily be automated using a button in "MSDOS Batch-Mode" like this:

taskkill /im dopus.exe /f runas /user:PC-name\Username "C:\Program files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe"
You can modify this basic code to open DOpus with the actual paths, get a box where you can choose between several users etc.
With a little Tool I found it seems also be possible to safely pass the User-Password so that you can toggle between Users with a single click on a Button:
I also posted this in more detail in your original Thread in the german forum.

You don't need to kill dopus.exe (why does everyone do that? heh), instead you can tell Opus to exit by running the same command that File -> Exit Directory Opus (and the similar items in the tray icon and Win7 taskbar icon menus) runs.

To tell Opus to exit from outside of Opus, run this:

"c:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd Close PROGRAM

[quote]To tell Opus to exit from outside of Opus, run this:
"c:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd Close PROGRAM[/quote]
Thanks for pointing this out. It's really the much better way and not as painful as "Kill DOpus" :smiley:
I tried "Close PROGRAM" without using dopusrt before which naturally didn't work and didn't think of dopusrt.


I've added the button to my DOpus configuration and will try if it is comfortable enough.

Thank you Leo
Thank you kundal


ps I'm still keen to learn about the reasons that cause the restrictions.