Run DOpus from U3 USB Memory Stick

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is there any knowledge about running DOpus from an U3 compatible USB Memory Stick ?

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There's some info here: [Running opus from a usb drive)

Thanks alot ... looks like it might not be such a bad solution for my use case ...

I acutally did manage to put DOpus in a U3 compatible format and I can launch it from the U3 console of my SanDisk memory stick

Very Very neat ...

Since I'm afraid it exposes my certificate, I will NOT publish the U3P file here. But if anyone is interested to know how to do that yourself, please let me know !!!


I would love to know how to make a u3p install file with my certificate!

Just publish your file but change your certificate to a bunch of "x" characters.

Thanks for the answer kenalcock, but I don't know what it means to "publish my file", would you explain?



I thought I was close to an answer on this one but the thread fizzled out just before the answer came. Is there anyone out there that can tell me (in detail) how I can used my licensed copy of Dopus from a U3 USB drive. Wodan says he has done it and that it works great, and to email him about exactly how, did that but got no response. Anyone??


For what it's worth, I've never been able to get this to work. I've moved all of the Program Files to a USB stick minus the certificate but it wouldn't run when I plugged into my home desktop.

You'll definitely need a certificate of some kind for it to run. Even in evaluation mode an eval certificate is required.

No dice. I copied the Director Opus folder that I have in Program Folders to a USB drive and deleted the dopus.cert file. I then tried opening dopus.exe on another computer and it told me that my evaluation copy had expired.

Did you try it without deleting the certificate?

If the computer you're running it on has previously had an Opus evaluation on it then you probably won't be able to run an eval off the USB key (or use the stock certificate).

Your best bet is to use your own program certificate - you'll need to actually "install" this on the key by running the program from the key and installing it through the licence manager.

I was able to get it working... however, there are strong limitations and restrictions for it to work.

I've disabled opus at startup, removed all the explorer extensions, and left the zip/ftp handling to system default. Since I wanted it as a portable type of application, I had to remove all global hotkeys from the customize settings.

Opus8 was installed to a test computer system with just Windows XP SP2. I used SnAPPshot (utility that comes with Novell Enterprise) to get a complete directory structure and registry difference (the license was not installed yet). On a different system, I configured Opus as above and exported the settings. Using the snapshot of the application, I built an executable and packaged my certificate and registry settings together. Now, when I close Opus, I can still eject my USB key. The majority of the features I enjoy with Opus on the desktop are now on my USB key.

I would publish the settings and changes that are needed, however it's borderline piracy. I've explained the first steps needed but left out the gory details of building the executable. It would be way to easy to build a stand-alone version of Opus8. I can go from computer to computer without worrying about the certificate since it's part of the snapshot package. Load time is a little longer since the application has to be built on the fly, but it works. For each update to Opus, I would need to rebuild the package... kind of a hassle to make the file.

I see the real question (to install and run Dopus from a USB drive) has not been answered by GPSoftware in the shape of a "Portable DOPUS" ...

I really like Directory Opus and am considering buying a license for myself, however ... I would use it mainly on my USB drive. I currently have my USB drive with me for email, and the tools I most commonly use.

The main reason for this is that I want to have my favorite tools available when working on any given workstation. For example; I have a desktop at work, a desktop at home, a laptop, and a desktop at my girlfriends place.

Since the current license model is a per workstation based model, I'd have to buy at least 4 licenses, which makes it a way to expensive solution for private use. Not to mention, that I think a license should be based on a per user basis (after all I paid for it, so I'd like to use it).

So my question for GPSoftware; can we expect a portable version of DOPUS?

This is being considered for a future version, yes.

Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

I'll try to be patient :wink:

Keep up the good work! And happy holidays!