Running MMC has stopped working... elevation?

Hi guys

I have DirectoryOpus set up with a nice big toolbar with all my oft-used Active Directory Support tools set up on buttons with (for example) the following command programmed into them:

@admin:runas /u:<username> /savecred "mmc.exe DSA.msc"

Up until a couple of days ago, this worked absolutely fine: a command window would flash up followed by Active Directory Users and Computers. It stopped working for no reason that I can determine; no changes to policy etc. The Command Windows pops up, and vanishes, then it stops.

A little digging has revealed that I can run MMC.EXE elevated using right-click, "Run As Administrator" and also right-click "Run As A Different User" - it runs fine in both cases. However if I use the following command in a DirectoryOpus button, it no longer works where it did two days ago:

@admin:runas /u:<username> /savecred mmc.exe

Further to this, I cannot find a way to run this command interactively in DOpus so that I can see the output in the Command window without it vanishing - and no events are being logged in the Windows Event Log. Also, the button I have set up to do the following works just fine, and elevates properly:

@admin:runas /u:<username> /savecred cmd.exe

I have deleted and re-created my Windows User Profile (although I copied my DOpus AppData folders across to the new one) and this still hasn't helped.

I am running Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit, and DOpus version

Can you help please?

Are you really running or is that a typo? That version is a year and a half old so if you're running it, before trying anything else I would update to the current version (


The firewall here prevents automatic update checking so I always forget... this has started working again after the version update.

Thanks and sorry to have wasted your time.