Running USB on desktop with DO

I like to prepare a usb stick. So I exported to usb.
I want most of the desktop version, and then edit the usb result, like removing buttons, edit ftp, etc.

So I kill all my local dopus processes, and start h:\dopus.exe (usb)
To check if that's all I want on the usb.

The ftp address book is to much for on the usb. So I deleted entries.
Now it seems I deleted the entries from my desktop.

I now I could edit ftp.oxc, but the question is:

How do I run the usb version on a desktop with DO installed?

  1. Exit DO Desktop (via tray icon)
  2. Rename/move DO's config folder via WinExplorer (path depends on your windows version and global/local setting in DO).
  3. Start DO USB and make your changes
  4. Exit USB-version
  5. Rename/move config folder back

You shouldn't have to do anything special for this. There's no need to move/rename the existing configuration or anything. Just exit Opus via the tray icon and then run it from the USB drive.

The USB drive copy should never look anywhere but on the USB drive for its configuration files.

By the sound of it Opus was still running when the USB copy was launched. That would cause a new window to be opened from the existing instance of Opus.

Yes and no! If you want to test self created buttons which e.g. uses files within DO-configfolder they will work, because the files really exists. But they don't work on a non-DO-sys (e.g. when using wrong aliases or something like that, also icon-paths, etc.).

It would be great if DO would use aliases/pathvariables by default.

Of course, if you have commands that have hardcoded paths in them then they'll look for those paths. I didn't think we were talking about that though.

...standard DO is boring :smiley:

Non-standard configurations don't imply that you're running stuff with paths hardcoded to folders on the HDD, though. If you want to do that then go for it but it's not relevant to this thread.

The root post is about editing things like the FTP config and seeing cahnges made to a USB version affect the HDD version's configuration. That should not happen unless the HDD version was still running (i.e. wasn't exited properly).

Sorry for the late reply. I was waiting for an email :frowning:

I will test it a bit more then. Killing dopus.exe and dopusrt.exe with taskmanager isn't OK obviously.