S-Backdrop Sets

Here are my backdrop-sets created since DirOpus v8.

Note: In customize-mode please play with tile or stretch as toolbars differs in height. Also some backdrops are designed for borderless toolbars (in preferences turn borders off).

S-15 slightly grey:

S-15 dark:

S-DOM grey:


S-Backdrop Sets.zip (89.8 KB)

Sasa, can you pelase tell me which settings you use? This looks amazing!

Sure :slight_smile:! What information you exactly need? The used icons for example are from my S-DOM IconSet.

Menu, toolbar and location are standard-DO (a combination of v9 and v10, and some added commands for my personal needs).

After playing a while with the settings, I think some of them are coming from W8, not from DOpus. Like bar-styles for examples. But nevertheless, thanks for your help!

Mainly border outside DO and selection (like "Standard"-view) is Win 8. Most of the GUI "within" DO is customizable (e.g. for the backdrops/toolbars borders are turned off within settings).

Small update (added "S-15"-backdrops; but most work is theming)

I'm rather confuse on how to use these. Can you add instruction/example of how to use them, please? Thank you

First, you have to add them in prefs (pictures). Then in customize mode select the toolbar you want to assign a background to, activate "picture" and select the background-file. Depending on your GUI-settings (fontsize, resolution,...) play with tile, stretch, etc. to get best results.

In prefs you may need to turn off "toolbar-border", because it will look better without.

Please note, that the backgrounds are only a small part of what you see in the previews - most work is setting the colors, but you can pick them up from the screenshots.

Check out the How to understand and configure background images guide, too:

This is still the best backdrop set I've ever seen or used.
Thank you very much for these Sasa!

Small update with dark-blue-grey backgrounds.