S-THEME Collection

These themes are suitable for DOpus 12.

For the toolbars use included backdrops (hint: turn toolbar-borders and gloss & gradients off in prefs). Pick missing colors from screenshots.

The additional icons I use can be downloaded here: S-THEME Icon Set II

Titlebar colors active/inactive can be set within this reg-key, example:


Preview Dark-Grey-Blue:


S-Theme Dark Grey-Blue.dlt (10.9 KB)

Preview Windows-11-Dark (Explorer colors):


S-Theme Windows-11-Dark.dlt (10.5 KB)

Preview Windows-11-Dark (green highlighted) (latest theme):


S-Theme Windows-11-Dark-Green.dlt (9.9 KB)


This is perfect, clean and amazing theme! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

it's look so good

Updated green highlighted version with preview pic.

The dark colors/backgrounds are slightly lighter then the origin theme.

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