S-THEME Dark Grey-Blue

Another darker DirOpus.

Use included backdrops (hint: turn toolbar-borders and gloss & gradients off in prefs; pick missing colors from screenshot). The additional icon-set can be downloaded here: S-THEME Icon Set II


S-Theme Dark Grey-Blue.dlt (10.9 KB)


How can I download/find the other parts of your configuration? I have a fairly stock setup but liked the drives toolbar especially and wondered how I could replicate this - whether you could direct me to other addons or components of this setup. Thank you!

No, I don't share any other config data because they can include private data.

But drives toolbar you can easily create yourself, it's just drives and custom drive-buttons, icons and backdrop are included in theme.

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Updated some colors and settings.

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Resized background-images for larger dpi and optimized few colors (e.g. darken location-color).