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The "S-THEME Icon Set II" (previously S-DOX II) includes misc flat-styled icons (22x22 and 32x32 pixel) for DirOpus.


Version history:

09-2022 v2.80 Small update; last version of this set
09-2022 v2.77 Few optimizations; removed few system-icons (better use them from shell32.dll)
04-2022 v2.73 Few updates (e.g. VPN on/off for Wireguard)
11-2021 v2.71 Few updates and new set-name
09-2021 v2.67 Few updates (e.g. new SyncBack v10 icon)
04-2021 v2.65 Changed CD-/drive-icons & Windows-Logo to new Windows 21H2 Fluent
01-2021 v2.60 Updated VPN, Edge, Power-Icons, Adobe & Office; added Plex, Zoom, shrink/expand screen & eject; removed DVBViewer & MPC
01-2021 v2.47 Fixed swapped FDB-buttons, added VPN-icon
11-2020 v2.44 Few changes/updates (e.g. "UPlay" is now "Ubisoft Connect" with new icon)
11-2018 v2.41 Few new icons added and some updated (e.g. defender and firewall)
11-2016 v2.31 Fixed xml
09-2016 v2.2 Updated a few icons (Adobe, FDB,...); added Battle.net-, Origin-, Steam- and UPlay-icons
09-2016 v2.1 Updated and new FDB-buttons; few cosmetic changes
09-2016 v2.02 Small changes and updated XML to fit better with different dpi (thanks Leo)
09-2016 v2.0 First release
08-2016 v1.99 Preview

How to install:

  1. Download and extract the dis-files from zip-archive.
  2. Open "prefs > toolbars > icons" and import the extracted dis-files.
  3. Optional: To replace the default FDB-buttons, just move the set to the top in the prefs-list.


S-Theme Icon Set II v2.80.zip (246.6 KB)


Final version online. Have fun!

Very nice icons!

[Update: The updated version in the post above fixes what the rest of this post talks about. Discussion may still be useful to other people who are making icon sets.]

For what it's worth, at 200% DPI they are very small, since the XML is disabling scaling at most DPIs and is also using the 22x22 icons for the small set in all cases. Maybe it would make sense to use the 32x32 icons for the small set at higher DPIs, even if you want to keep scaling disabled?

Looking great at normal DPI, though!

(What I see at 200% DPI:)

Hi Leo, thanks.

Which scaling-settings do you suggest (a template would be fine)?

There's some template XML at the bottom of here: DPI Aware Icon Sets

If you use that template, and with 22x22 and 32x32 images, I think you will get the best results if you remove the lines involving the 48x48 .PNG and 64x64 .PNG entirely (since there aren't bitmaps for those sizes with this icon set).

So something like:

<set filename="ICONS_22.PNG" size="small" width="22" height="22">
    <dpi base="100">
       <scale factor="100" filename="ICONS_22.PNG" width="22" height="22" no_scale_min="0" no_scale_max="125" />
       <scale factor="150" filename="ICONS_32.PNG" width="32" height="32" no_scale_min="126" no_scale_max="175" />
    <icon col="1" name="empty" row="1" />
    <icon col="2" name="spacer" row="1" />
<set filename="ICONS_32.PNG" size="large" width="32" height="32">
    <dpi base="100">
       <scale factor="100" filename="ICONS_32.PNG" width="32" height="32" no_scale_min="0" no_scale_max="125" />
    <icon col="1" name="empty" row="1" />
    <icon col="2" name="spacer" row="1" />

Thanks, I only copied the dpi-entries from another template introducing new dpi-settings, but did not really try out the differences (I use WQHD@125dpi here and it's fine :slight_smile:). Sizes 48/64 are planned for future release.

Updated all Icon Sets.

Nice one. Looks great at 200% DPI now.

For a rough idea of the sizes I see now (but it will be scaled down by the browser on most screens, so don't judge image quality by it):

Yes, looks usable (not best, but very usable :slight_smile:).

On the DOpus forums, when I see an image inline, I've learned to right-click on the image and choose "Open image in new tab" option. This puts it in a free-to-zoom-in-and-out tab.

Updated to v2.1 and added FDB-preview...

Nice job Sasa.

Regards, AB

Thanks AB.

these are great, many thanks :slight_smile:

Updated to v2.73


nice. thanks for your time and effort. got me back into customizing my toolbars again this morning :slight_smile:

Thanks. I always plan to finish a new set incl. default icons and with higher resolution, but don't find the time and regular iconsizes still work for me for all screensizes. So I still update this set.

Thank you very much

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Updated to v2.77



Updated to v2.80

This is the last version! Thanks for using it!