Sample Resize Dialog Script?

I'm keen to experiment with a resizeable dialog but my efforts to date with dlg.want_resize etc. have got me nowhere fast. Could one of the developers be kind enough to post a small sample script, just enough to get an enthusiastic amateur started.... :smiley:

Regards, AB

You don't need any code to make a dialog resizable, just turn on the resize options for the dialog and the desired controls.

I tried setting dlg.want_resize = true expecting that the detached dialog might be resizeable by grabbing and dragging edges and corners. I also tried setting and No errors were raised but none of these attempts were successful. I am evidently proceeding down the wrong track. :frowning:

Regards, AB

You have to activate that option in the dialog editor. The string resize="yes" will then be added to the second line of the resource of your dialog.

==SCRIPT RESOURCES <resources> <resource name="MyDlg" type="dialog"> <dialog fontface="Arial" fontsize="9" height="111" lang="english" resize="yes" title="MyDlg" width="136"> ...

Thanks Kundal! That got me started. I was previously hand coding resources so missed the resize options in the editor. :smiley:

Regards, AB