Samsung Note 2 mobile won't show files

Just got a new Samsung Note 2 and love it. It shows the name in Opus but won't show any directories or files with USB hookup. Everything does show in Windows Explorer so it seems to be hooked up properly. Any ideas?

[ul][li]Assuming the phone is set to mount as an MTP device and not a drive-letter:

Try the latest beta version if you're not using it already. (The link is in my signature.) There was a fix related to Samsung's MTP implementation which might help (although it's not definite that it will).

I've also found that sometimes the MTP stack on the phone and/or the computer can get confused and not list anything, or show out-of-date listings. (I've seen it affect both Opus and Explorer, not always at the same time.) Rebooting the phone and fully exiting & restarting Opus usually helps. (Make sure the phone is unlocked when you then try to read the folder.)

Failing all else, try setting Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: mtp_enable to False, which will make Opus use an embedded instance of Windows Explorer for MTP folders.[/li][/ul]

Your new beta worked. Thanks.