Save a view for a tab

I'm sure I must be missing something obvious here. I have the same folder shown on multiple tabs, and I'm trying to save a different default view for each of these tabs (one sorted by name, the other sorted by modified date, for example). DO seems to force you to save a single view against a folder only, and that view will follow the folder on whatever tab is appears on. I'm trying to find the option where I can save a view for a tab, which will be applied to that tab, and any folder I navigate to within that tab. Where can I find this option please?

You need to lock the format:!Documents/Locking_the_Format.htm

Awesome thanks!

Further to this one, if I want to lock the view on just a specific tab, rather than all tabs or none, is that possible? That would be handy to have, but what lead me there is that I'm finding an odd behaviour where If I lock the view, and click on the "+" icon to create a new tab, it inherits the "locked" view on whatever tab happens to be selected at the time, rather than using the default view, or even a view I have created specifically for the folder that gets loaded on a new tab.