Save default lister with a non-constant window size

I have a PC with 2K monitor + a FHD laptop, whenever I sync my settings between them I have undesired default lister window size, since it is constant (for example, 800x600). On different resolutions this will either be too small or too big.

To fix this I always have to go and check 'Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister' checkbox and resize window manually, save it, and then uncheck back.

Can you just save default lister size as a proportion of the window size relative to monitor resolution, not as a constant value (at least an optional flag to have this mode)?
For previous example, 800 width on 2K is 31.25%, 600 height is 41.67%. Then when applied to FHD the size will be 618,75x450,036 (with rounding on your choice).

Also consider to apply this mode to other size/position calculations as well?

You could use a second layout for the laptop, or have a script change the lister size at startup.

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