"Save file collection" or other way to save a set of files

I have a folder synchronized between computers with Google Drive.
I want to choose some of those files (eg. files I need to burn on DVD) on one computer and save it as a set of files (eg. copy them to a collection) and then use this set of files on the second computer. Paths to those files are the same on both computer.

I tried to use collection to do that but there's no option to save a collection to a file (or to restore it from a file).

Is there any other way I can do that?

Collections are stored in files which you can find under /dopusdata/Collections and copy between machines.

I guess it's necessary to restart DOpus after copying files? Or does DO reload collections occasionally?

Yes, you'll need to restart Opus after copying a new collection manually.

I forgot about it earlier, but you can also use DOpusRT.exe to import and export collections, which does not require restarting Opus:

External Manipulation of File Collections

And this is what I was looking for. Thanks.