Save folder options

In the "Folder Options" dialog. Am I missing something or is there no way to save the current folder settings to current folder and all its sub folders? Or is that what "All folder" do ?

There isn't at the moment (I've already filed a feature request to add "For This Folder and All Sub Folders" to the Save drop-down).

At the moment you have to save the format for the current folder and then go into Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats and edit it where, on the last page of the dialog, you'll find the option to apply the format to all sub-folders. (This option isn't shown in the similar Folder Options dialog since it doesn't always make sense there. But adding to the Save drop-down like I think we both have in mind does make sense so let's hope it is added.)

Of course you can also create the format from Preferences directly, skipping the Folder Options dialog (but then you have to locate the folder, so if you're already showing the folder in a lister it's quicker to do what you're already doing).