Save last windowposition

Is there a difference between launching DO from the taskbar button versus double click on the desktiop as far as last windowposition is concerned?
It strikes me that when I use the quick launch button, DO will open using the last windowposition, e.g. right hand top corner. When I double click
the desktop, it may open anywhere - it does not save the last position.


Check your settings under Preferences - Launching Opus.

Specifically, the Startup page vs the From the Desktop page.

Okay, thanks, but eh.. then what ?

Note that in the "From the Desktop" panel, the bottom two items (Open a Default Lister and Run a defined User Command")
they are and remain greyed out.

Selecting the 2nd item "Bring the last active ..." does not make any difference in behaviour.


As you can see from your screenshots, the options you have selected are different - surely it's obvious why you get different results?

In any event, when you double-click the desktop, you get a default Lister opening, and the position of this can be fixed with the Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Always in the same position option.

That I can understand, but actually I assumed DO wud act a bit like IE, meaning that when I shift the open lister to some point on the screen
and close it, it will save that window position.
Anyway, no big deal, was just curious to know... :wink:

It can be like that, if you configure it to.

  1. Turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister.

  2. Make sure Preferences / Launching Opus / From the Desktop is set to Open the Default Lister.

  3. Make sure the Preferences / Launching Opus / Startup is also set to Open the Default Lister. (It isn't set that way in your screenshot.)

"Open a saved Lister Layout" and "Run a defined User Command" are most possibly greyed out because you simply don't have any "saved Layouts" or "User Commands". :wink: