Save layout of a specific path?

So I have a folder on my desktop that groups some shortcuts.
I want the lister that opens when I open that folder, to appear a specific way, irrelevant of my general lister defaults etc.

How do I do that?

There are multiple ways to do this:

  1. Use the folder options button. Once you've made your changes simply click the save button near the top of the folder options dialog and then ok. You can also tick "Save for all sub-folders" if you want that format to apply to all subfolder of that folder as well.

  2. In preferences find folder formats. From there you can create a path format for the folder in question

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Thanks, tried this and "mostly" works.
In the first save it didn't save the choice I made to show in thumbnail view.
Then I tried again, it save the thumbnail view, but doesn't remember the size of the thumbnails I want (for that particular folder). Probably it is something not saved.

Thumbnail size (for the actual Thumbnail mode*) isn't part of the folder format, although I think that's on our ideas list.

There's a global size setting, and it can also be changed in the current window on the fly via the toolbar or via commands.

But you can use a script to change it in particular folders:

(* You can also have a thumbnails column when in Details mode, which can be resized freely. Since that's just a column like any other, its size is saved as part of the folder format.)