Save-location of toolbar setting

Which configfile includes the toolbar-settings like position, border, transparency, etc.?


Thanks, Leo.

I've checked the file, why is it empty? Yesterday I copied a toolbar to another installation and it was in a default state (position, no transparency, borders, etc.), that's why I asked for the config file. But as docks.oxc is empty, where does DO save this information then? When opening the toolbar on the origin installation, settings are set correctly.

Have you actually saved the state of the toolbars?

The other day we spoke about turning off automatic state-saving, so unless you have turned automatic state-saving back on & exited Opus with a toolbar open, or manually saved the state (using Save Floating Toolbars), the config file is not going to change (obviously).

I have saved it once with auto-state-save, closed DO and then turned autosave off and closed again.

I use a command to open the toolbar, which includes transparency and position, but on the other installation there was a border and bg-color using same command. That's why I asked, if there's another configfile, which includes addtional information aboĂșt the toolbar's state. Also, when I don't include "transparent" within the button, the toolbar still appears transparent, but docks.oxc is empty, so from where does DO get this information (not from the toolbar-file, beacuse on the other installation is wasn't transparent)?

Maybe I simply have missed something...

It might be in the toolbar itself as well, I'm not sure.

If in doubt, use flat-view and sort the config files by date. Then you can see which were changed recently. (Some are changed on every exit, but not many.)