Saved filters... As show filters?

I know you can use advanced select filters and you can save them which is great but I'd like to apply those advanced filters and saved filters to a show filter if I can but can't seem to find a way to do this.

The reason is I'd like to use date matches and other file information for applying in the filter and not just extensions like with file groups. Can this be done some way? I want my pictures shown in flat view across any directory structure but be able to easily filter only todays pics, last weeks pics, etc, etc.

Thanks for any help...

The best way to do this would be using the Select command, to select all files in the current (flat view if desired) Lister that match a pre-saved filter, and then hiding files that don't match. Eg:

Select FILTER FILTERFLAGS=deselect,hidenomatch

An alternative method would be an automated Find function using a pre-saved filter that would send the results to a File Collection.

Sweet tip! This works perfectly either way. Never really thought to try either, thanks a lot!! One step closer to never needing those image organizers...