Saved Folder Column Width Changes

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to get my layout stable, and I am having trouble with the column widths in certain tabs.
When I reopen the lister (even after saving it), in two tabs, the column sizes change back to some setting I did not choose.
What am I doing wrong?
Here is my process:

  • "Update Default Lister Automatically" is UNchecked
  • Click on the tab for drive G:
  • Get the columns perfect
  • Folder Options. The widths are: Filename 268, Extension 32, Size 49, Date Modified 84
  • Click Save / For this Folder & All Subfolders + Layouts & Folder Tabs
  • When I navigate to a different tab and return to MY TAB, the columns are still perfect
  • Set as Default Lister
  • Save this Lister / My Lister / Replace


  • Reopen My Lister
  • Click the G: tab
  • The widths: 207 / 36 / 65 / 92 !!!

I am at a loss as to what to so to prevent the widths from shifting.

Insights mucho appreciated.

Wishing you all a beautiful day

Hover over the format lock icon on the status bar (don't click it). It should tell you where the current format is coming from.

Also make sure the format lock is open, not closed, which could also explain the problem.

And remember that the column widths aren't relevant if the auto-size columns checkbox is also turned on in the format.

Thank you, Opus hero!
Leo, I had totally forgotten about that hover story, even though it's prominent in the manual...

You saved me, your ideas got my brain working again when I was totally blocked.

So I hover on the lock. The format is unlocked. It says:
... comes from "Dual-Display Tab #2 in Lister Layout My Lister

So it was still a mystery. But a silly simple idea came, and here is what worked in the end: I just killed the tabs, duplicated my default tabs, navigated to the right folder, and saved the format and layout.

Thanks again,
And wishing you a beautiful weekend!