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Saved Folder Formats, Filters, & Tabs - how do they interact


Hi, I'm trying to figure out why saved Lister(s) with multiple tabs, each with folder format set, load with incorrect filters.
Are distinct filters applied/saved within each tab, NOT actually separate?

I set a Format for some tabs (a format that has no filtering-columns set with Favorite Format "details compact"
and then set format for other tabs w/ Favorite Format "pictures list" (a format that has a 'name filter' ([x]show filters "grp:Images") applied. Now, "Save this Lister," with "[_] ignore folder formats saved within this lister" UNCHECKED, and "[_] ignore toolbars.." UNCHECKED.

presumably, this should APPLY the folder formats saved within this Lister, including the appropriate filters.

Now, when I open that saved Lister, ALL tabs have the filter from the folder format last applied active (filtering the file list).

I can achieve different layouts & filters on different tabs if I apply them manually.
But, how can I save this configuration? In a Lister Layout? another way?

PS: "[_] enable folder content type detection" is OFF


Filters in different tabs should not affect each other.

Make sure the format lock on the status bar is off, and check that each tab's folder format has the right filter settings, then re-save the layout. That should make things work as you want.


Well, you're correct; format lock OFF (affects all tabs) and then saving the Layout, DOES allow Favorite Formats (with included filters) to be applied when I open that Saved Layout. (seems counter-intuitive that lock OFF allows the layout to APPLY, but I guess the 'original' format is not locked?)

HOWEVER, when I browse to other folders, the format becomes "Default" -- i.e. I lose the Favorite Format I applied in each tab.
PS: I shut OFF all Path-Formats, and all Content-type-format while testing this. Same result.

So, my questions becomes: how should I set up a Saved Layout, to contain distinct formats in each tab (just 2 in my case) that will persist even as I navigate down in the tree?
Maybe I have to set it as path-formats (since the folder-tree has distinct types). The caveat with that approach is I would then probably have to specify folder-formats for MANY folders, rather than using a few simple Favorite-formats on many desired folders. Mmmm
FYI, in examining the XML code in %APPDATA%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Layouts\ I note that the code for some 'regular' folder-tabs no longer includes


which seems correct for them, and for those tabs where there should be a filter, they have the filter: <files>grp:Images</files> filter remains, even as I change folders. However, upon browsing the format is lost, becoming 'Default.'


OK, maybe this is too many part. I'll try and investigate this in a more granular way.


What is the best way to create a formatted & filtered lister, for a multi-tab layout?
Seems I could make a "Favorite format" with a "show filter" (ex: grp:Images), and apply that to the lister-tab.
apply Folder-options, column settings to a Lister, also filer-bar (ex: grp:Images), and save that Tab as part of a Lister Layout.
I notice that the filter-bar hides folders, while the "show filter" shows selected files AND folders.
BTW, I archived & deleted all my setup configuration so I'm working with a 'factory' clean setup. Creating the formats and Lister layouts from scratch to test.


Now I configure Folder option - columns, for each tab. Folder format is locked.
Check migrating to other folders and back; the column format 'sticks' (as would be expected).
Seems good... Save this Lister layout (Test2). Re-start DOpus.
Apply this saved layout. seems fine...
HOWEVER, Now, the Documents tab has the 'pictures list' format!?!!
Document tab, configured:

Picture-list tab, configured columns:

Document tab after re-load Lister-layout:


Examining the XML code in "Test2.oll" I notice the "<locked_format " section has WRONG COLUMN FORMATS stored? Where did this come from? (1.2 KB)
OK, lets try manually editing the XML to see if we can make it work...


Mmm, after editing and re-loading the bewitched Test2.oll Format, looks ok.
BUT when you migrate the pictures Tab, the column format changes to the 'docs' format layout!?!

OK, time to put this to sleep, hoping for fresh ideas tomorrow.


One last interesting finding...
If I put the Documents tab in one lister, and 'move' the Pictures tab into the "other file display" of a "dual display" Lister, and save that Lister-layout, everything works as I would hope for.
So, perhaps there's something about multiple tabs not capable of having diverse folder formats in a 'single' display Lister?


There's a bug here which we've fixed for the next beta (12.10.1).

Layouts saved with the format lock on would apply the active tab's format to all the other tabs.


can you say what you think is the bug, exactly?

"Layouts with format lock, apply the active tab's format to all the other tabs." - is this the design, or the flaw?

So, seems the answer to my original question "Are distinct formats & filters applied/saved within each tab, NOT actually separate?" - is NO.
Seems when diverse formats in tabs are locked and saved they will be stored as same by DOpus code, since they are all in the same Lister (not a Dual Lister).


If I the goal is diverse Folder-formats, in several tabs, in one lister, how should I go about going this, given DOpus design?
Is there any way to save and load diverse formats in several tabs?
Maybe I have to use Path formats, since the layouts I'm designing are used for distinct branches to the folder tree? Or, maybe separate Tab groups for each separate format?


Tried creating the Lister-layout with tabs formatted, and Lock OFF; saved. (as you suggested, previously)
Looks fine upon opening, Lock the format (locks format in all tabs).
BUT as soon as I navigate to another folder, the (ex: pictures-list) format is lost and another format is displayed.
Strangely if I navigate back to the original folder, my format (ex: pictures-list) is back.
BUT, if I use another tab with its format (ex: docs), navigate to another folder, its format is lost also; AND when I navigate back to its original folder, the format is still lost.


That was the flaw. The fix is it no longer does that.

Layouts re-open the same way they were saved now.