Saved layouts with multiple tabs revert to libraries when clicked

I have a saved layout side by side with multiple tabs on each. When the tab is to a \system\folder it appears corrected when I initially navigate to it. After that, if I switch to another tab and then come back to the \system\folder tab, it displays "Libraries" every time. Very confusing and distracting. When that happens, the navigation tree does display the proper \system\folder, and if I click there the tab now displays the actual \system\folder again.

Sounds like you have locked the tabs to return to a certain folder. Right click the tabs that do it and make sure they are unlocked.

Leo, thanks for the stunningly fast response. The tab is not locked.

It may be related to the option to set the folder tree to start at Computer instead of Desktop. That appears to fix it, but not quite certain yet that it does.