Saved Lister Layouts

I currently have my saved lister layouts displayed on a toolbar. Works great and shows me all my custom listers. It would be great if I could assign an individual icon to each of my listers. Even a step further would be to allow me to hide the lister name text and only show the icon to conserve toolbar space.

It's possible to do that, but would currently require creating individual buttons on your toolbar, one for each layout (instead of creating a single generic button which turns into a list automatically).

If you want to do that, the command for each button would be like this:

Prefs LAYOUT="My Layout Name"

You can then assign any icon for the button and turn the label off in the button editor.

Exactly what I was looking for. THANKS!

How did you create a new toolbar and/or add your layout to it? I'm looking for this very thing. I need to switch layouts from with Dopus. Thx!

Settings -> Lister Layouts contains a menu with all the layouts in it. If you go into Customize mode you can see how the menu works and copy or move it to another place if you wish.

thx Leo very helpful