Saving a custom lister layout's size


I have a desktop folder for my daughter's games. All of her shortcuts are inside this single folder on the desktop.

When I click on the folder it opens in thumbnail mode and is sorted correctly (exactly how I saved it via Folder/Folder Options/Save The Current Folder Format), but it won't open to the size I want -- it keeps defaulting back to the size that is used on the computer for all other folders.

How can I save this lister to open in a size different from the default lister size used elsewhere?



You can use a Layout for that:!Documents/Layouts1.htm

After saving it, if you want an icon for it on the desktop, you can create one via Preferences / Layouts and Styles:!Documents/Prefs/Layouts.htm

Hi Leo,

OK, I followed your links and I have it working now, but, I have two further points to bring up to clearify my confusion.

  1. I originally made a desktop shortcut via Windows 10 named "Lauren". I opened that folder and dragged all of my daughter's desktop shortcuts for her games, etc. into it. So, that folder resides in C:/Users/Bill/Desktop/Lauren

When I made your shortcut to the format of that folder, it worked, but it only had the contents of the Desktop Shortcut inside of it -- forcing me to leave the original Desktop Shortcut on the screen and the new one I created via DOpus. It works that way, but it's messy.

Is there any way to make that desktop shortcut folder (made via Windows) retain all of the attributes as far as size, position, etc. just like the Layouts shortcut that you pointed me to does? Or, would I have to make that the default Lister format and live with it for all Listers I open?

  1. What I ended up doing is copying the contents of the Windows Desktop Shortcut's directory to my E: (Data) hard drive (Work:Temp/Lauren). I then created the Layout, etc. as you pointed me to and made a shortcut to that on my Desktop via DOpus. Now I have a single Lauren shortcut that opens exactly how I want by displaying the contents of Work:Temp/Lauren

Can I instead accomplish number one above or is number two the right way to accomplish this task? OR... is there a cleaner solution that you can direct me in that I can't think of?

Thank you!!!!


If you want the thing you double-click on the desktop to open a window that's a particular size, and that size isn't how you want all your other Opus windows, then:

  • Open an Opus window, resize it how you want, and point it at the folder you want.
  • Save that window into a layout.
  • Create a shortcut to the layout.

Double-clicking the shortcut to the layout will recreate the window as you saved it, including the size and folder(s) it was showing.

Which it sounds like is exactly what I did in #2 of my previous reply.

There doesn't seem to be a way to do this with an actual Desktop shortcut folder created by Windows without leaving the original desktop shortcut folder on the desktop along with the shortcut for that same folder (with the attributes I want for it created by DOpus) on the desktop too.

In other words, I don't see a way to assign the saved layout to an actual desktop folder shortcut created by Windows and have only one folder appear on the desktop.

Sorry if I sound nuts. :;

Just put the folder somewhere else, and use the layout shortcut to open the window showing the folder.