Saving a directory tabs group

Hi, how can I create a button which saves the current directory tabs group to a specific (already existing) named group in silent mode?


Thank you, Leo. This is very helpful when saving the current tab group to e.g. "Last used tabgroup", so I can continue to work with the last DOpus environment after a Windows reboot.

However, it would be nice to have this command as a right click command on the buttons created with "Go TABGROUPLIST", where on each button the command saves the current tab group for this specific tab group button. Is this possible?

I don't think that is possible without explicitly creating buttons for each tab group (i.e. losing the convenience of the automatic TabGroupList function).

So there should be a new argument for "Go TABGROUPLIST" "ShowSaveCommand" which saves the current tabgroup for this button when right-clicking the button.

If you want it, ask. :slight_smile: