Saving default original dOpus setup?

Hello. I have just returned and purchased Directory Opus after an absence of over 10 years. I previously purchased v8 in 2006.

I think I would like to save the layouts, preferences etc of the initial installation I make, in total so that I can return to this original setup if I make too much of a mess adjusting all the various preferences and views available. Is this possible to do in one step, or is it necessary to locate and save these things separately eg lister layouts etc.

Thank you for any advice.



Thank you aussieboykie. I am just about to reinstall after purchase so I will check that link out.

(I assume you are in Australia like me. Have a good Sunday and stay safe.)


Hi Jeff. I recommend taking a full configuration backup immediately after you have installed and registered V12. This provides a baseline that you can easily revert to. If things go wrong in the future and you suspect a configuration change you have made may be to blame it's handy to be able to test with a "vanilla" configuration.

As a registered user it's also a good idea to link your account.

Yes, your assumption is correct and as I am sure you would agree Australia is a very good place to be at the moment. :grinning:

Regards, AB

Yes thank you AB. Yes Aussie a good place to be. I have done as you suggest. Now to explore the extraordinary degree of functionality in the program. Some cheaper options around but the power and the software origin being my home town seals the deal.