Saving Multiple Settings for Small Laptop and Bigger Monitor Sizes

Currently, I am using a laptop with 13 inch screen but which is connected to a much bigger external monitor with around 22 to 23 inch screen and laptop displays only on the external monitor with HDMI. This is my most preferred way to use computers as I always prefer bigger screen if available.

I find bigger fonts and customized colors much easier on the eyes from around 1.5 to 2 feet distance from the bigger monitor. Hence, over the past few days I have saved bigger font sizes for most items like Default Listers, File Display Groups, File Display Header, Folder Tabs, Toolbars and Status Bar.

As I keep on changing preferences, I am also saving the configuration by exporting it to .ocb file regularly.

Some day, when I will have to use only laptop, these bigger fonts will definitely not work on my 13 inch laptop screen. At such times, I will like to use similarly customized but much smaller or normal fonts at that time as per the smaller laptop screen size. Apart from the sizes, the colors and all other preferences including working of Directory Opus in the way it handles File operations, MD5 calculation etc. that DO NOT USE ACTUAL SCREEN REAL ESTATE that are customized can be same as that used for bigger monitor as they should not matter I presume to the most extent even on small laptop screen.

I feel that one option available is to save two sets of settings, one for laptop screen size and one for bigger screen and import the settings and replace them in their entirety from the appropriate .ocb when using each kind of screen size when I need them. This also has an added advantage of keeping each set of settings safely in its own separate .ocb file. The small disadvantage that I can see with this option is that if I have forgotten or overlooked to export the latest settings to .ocb file, I might lose few customization when I re-import them for the bigger screen size.

I want to know whether there is any better way of saving multiple set of entire settings within Directory Opus preferences itself. This way, I can switch from laptop to bigger screen directly from within Directory Opus without restoring and replacing all settings from .ocb file.

As a last resort, a final and the most easiest and quickest way (but dirtiest way) I feel will be to reset all settings to factory settings for Directory Opus when working on laptop (as there will be very seldom occasions to use laptop screen on its own without external monitor, this might also work even though I might not find my customization in place).

What do you suggest in above scenario and how to go about achieving it in an elegant way ?

You can use Themes to load and save just the font and color settings and not everything else.!Documents/Themes.htm