Saving out of excel makes me relog back into network folder

As subject says, I open a network folder that requires a user and pass. Normally it doesn't make me log in again unless I reboot. If I open an excel page and save it, when I exit excel and try to navigate to a different place on the network it gives me the retry, parent, abort window. I have to click on the root folder of the network share and re-log back in and then I repeat the process after saving the next excel sheet.

Anyone know what's going on?

Don't you just love Excel? (I work with it all day and am somewhat bitter. :slight_smile:)

Does this problem only affect Opus or is it system-wide (i.e. affects Explorer as well)?

Is it a particularly large Excel file or anything like that? (At work we have some spreadsheets that are 16meg or larger and sometimes get issues saving them to network drives, although I have not seen this particular one.)

I can relate to the bitterness too. :stuck_out_tongue:

It isn't a large excel file (we're talking 32KB). It doesn't seem to be system-wide, the regular explorer doesn't seem to have this problem.

The excel file does seem to save, some network-related link just seems to break after I exit excel and I have to relog back in again. It doesn't seem to be like this in any other program. At first I thought it was an IT security thing but since it's not affecting regular explorer I'm wondering if there's some sort of opus / excel conflict somehow.

It will even let me save the current excel document, double-click and open a new one and save that one. Once I close out of excel completely that's when I have to log back into my network share again. Very weird.

Very strange. I can't think what Excel, or Opus for that matter, would be doing to the network drive which would cause this situation. I would assume both programs simply access files and directories in normal, boring ways... But this is Excel we're talking about so all bets are off. :slight_smile:

I've never heard of this until now and can't reproduce it myself so can't think what else to try really. Anyone else having this problem who may be able to shed some light on it?

Which version of Excel are you using? Anything unusual about the network drives? (e.g. Mapped under a different account to the one you're logged in as? Samba?)

It's excel 2000. I've noticed that I don't even have to save the file. If I'm even in it to view it and close out (without changing anything), it makes me log back into the folder again. It doesn't seem to do this with any other kind of document (including word documents part of the same MS suite as excel).

It doesn't do this in windows explorer so I don't believe it's a security permission issue on IT end of it (unless they can tell what program I'm using to access files from the server, doesn't seem likely).

Just tried changing my username under "general" tab in excel to the same name I log into this server with to no avail ...