Saving per-lister sizes?

Is there any way I could save a listers size ? All I find is the "default-lister" size.

What I want to do is to have a default-lister in a certain size, but other listers in a pre-defined size. What do I need to do ?

I am using v8.x. Thanks.

BTW: Even the default only gets saved if I use the "save as default lister" from a listers menu, not when using the crosshair icon in the prefs window. But that is not so important to me. I want to set the size per lister independantly from the default-lister.

You probably want to explore the Layouts system in Opus. This lets you save everything about one or more existing listers into a named Layout which you can then re-create at any time via the layouts list, toolbar buttons, hotkeys, desktop double-click, etc.

It's also possible to make buttons or shortcuts which use the "Go NEW=..." command to specify a window size for the new window.

This would mean manually invoke the lister layout.
Also, doing it with GO would mean, I'd have to set up....uhm, no.

What I am talking about is to have each lister come configurable to a certain size. Wasn't that possible in the former version ? If I remember correctly it would be possible to have certain lister configurations being saved with the listers initial size, if opened directly (ie: desktop shortcut to the path)

But when you say:

[quote]have certain lister configurations being saved with the listers initial size[/quote]What 'saved' configurations and how does Dopus know which one to load when you (as you suggested) double click on the desktop?

About what Nudel suggested... Layouts, still seems like what you need. It 'IS' a 'certain configuration saved with the listers initial size' as well as position on the screen.

So I have a saved layout that I like. Is there a way I can add it as a tab on the tab bar for one-click access?

It sounds like you want existing listers to resize when you enter particular directories. You can't do that in Opus.

What you can do is make a button that runs

Set LISTERSIZE 400,300

or similar, which will resize the current lister to 400 by 300.

I think you can also save a layout and make a button which applies it to an existing lister, but it's never going to be automatic on entering a folder. Automatic sizing only happens when things are opened and after that lister windows stay the size they are unless you run an explicit command to resize them.

Just realized there were 2 different people asking how to do such a thing, and maybe they don't both want the 'same' thing?

Anyway, if how Nudel was saying is how you want to do it, then I guess you could also add a button to the toolbar that opens a particular folder in the current or new tab and THEN also set the lister size to how you want or loads a saved layout?

When I dblckck on the Desktop of course my default lister configuration is being used. I mean, this is the default-lister (at least here, since it opens up My Computer in icon mode). I mean desktop-shortcuts, not the double-click on empty desktop. Sorry if I was unclear on that. I have "My Documents" and some other paths on my desktop. Ordinary MS Windows shortcuts. Just what you get after install. You know what I mean. And dblclck these opens up the explorer, usually. But I have DOpus to replace Explorer, so it opens a DOpus lister.

And, of course, if I have a lister open with 300x500 I sure do not want it to resize as soon I'd enter another directory.

All I want is, that opening a directory from fresh will set its size to a size I have defined. Let's say, I open the desktop-shortcut "My Documents" it opens a lister, that is as high as the screen and half as wide, since I saved that size to this lister's config.

If I access this path through browsing of paths, I will keep the lister-size of the browser, since that would be killing my nerves, when having lister sizes always to resize.

What I meant with "initial", is that opening a path initially (sorry my english), I mean, opening it freshly, right to the path gives me the defined size (for this very lister) and that's all. I am pretty sure I have seen a friend having this with DOpus6 !

About what Nudel suggested... Layouts, still seems like what you need. It 'IS' a 'certain configuration saved with the listers initial size' as well as position on the screen.[/quote]

No, since Layouts are not per-lister. Layouts are more globally. And switching to a layout so to apply it to a lister is not what I'd ever want.

nudel: You know the way Workbench handles it ? You know, that you - also - could save sizes of certain MUI windows. If I remember correctly, Dopus5 did it the same way. It was possible to save the paths size, so it would appear as of that size when opened directly, but the lister would remain its original size, if the path only got accessed by browsing through the paths.

Why not replace the My Documents shortcut on your desktop with a shortcut to a layout which opens an Opus window in the size and mode you want, showing My Documents?

(You can drag layouts from the list in preferences onto the desktop to create such shortcuts.)

Because it's not only "My Documents". Well, thanks for suggestions. I really think, this behaviour should be implemented, especially since I believe that earlier versions of Directory Opus did this.

Please don't take disagreement as argument against your ideas; you have a right to request anything you'd like... but it (still :slight_smile:) seems to me that layouts do what you want and that all you need to do is replace the existing shortcuts you have with layout-shortcuts. I imagine a reason you might not want to do this could be that you could then not use such shortcuts for explorer?

But to be honest, I think (and apparently at least a few others as well judging from some recent forum topics) that there are already too many different areas within Dopus that allow saving lister view settings. Between layouts, folder formats, 'default' lister, 'Styles', content type detection etc etc... it seems a little confusing at times.

I think it would be nice if these seperate view controls could be more consolidated, but even then I don't see where your request would 'fit in'. Do you suggest that particular folders would have lister size and position settings associated with them? How then would you differentiate 'WHEN' those settings should take effect? For instance... if you had a lister currently opened in the top right corner taking up half the screen, then navigated to a folder you had 'different' setting for... would you want the lister to change size and position on you? I would find that disconserting, and I don't think 'that' is the effect you want... my point is what settings would take precedence and 'when'? Maybe your proposal could have some sort of 'Apply settings only on opening new lister' option or something?

For what it's worth, Layout shortcuts do work from Explorer (e.g. they work on the actual Desktop as well as in the Start Menu or QuickLaunch bar).

steje wrote:
Please don't take disagreement as argument against your ideas; [/quote]

I don't.

No, I wouldn't. This would only be if the lister would be opened directly on that path.


IF listerpath.size != NULL AND listerpath.parent = NULL
 listerhandle = openLister(listerpath, listerpath.size)
 listerhandle = openLister(listerpath)


Exactly: Only on opening new listers. The container (which is the lister containing the path) should be defined by its initial opening, not by the brwosed paths. If latter would be implemented, that would mean a ever changing listersize, and that would kill my nerves.

All I want is a behaviour, as is common: Setting window-sizes as attributes of that window. Not as attributes of their content.

We have it in Dopus, as long as it is the default-lister. That has a size as attribute.
Now, if I open a path, that has its own size-attribute, it opens making use of this, but only, if the window (ie, the lister) has not been set to another size-attribute before.

I open any lister = "Lister Default" size.
I open a special lister (path-bound) freshly = its set size
I open the path of a path-bound lister in any lister = Any listers (parents) size