Say what? 1147813.driveupload, plus some 20 others?

I just did a reorganization on all my user files, moving them to more meaningful folder names, etc.

So, I want to do a file compare, source being my C: drive ..., to G:drive ..., where my backup resides.

I'm a bit nervous before I give permission to delete files from source and target as there will be many.

One strange issue is a list of files at the top like the following:'
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Google Drive.tmp.drivedownload\1147813.driveupload
plus 20 or so others similarly named.

What are those all about? There are no such terms "drivedownload" or "driveupload" in the help file.

My guess is they are temporary files created by Google Drive.

Opus didn't create those files. Opus just tells you what's on the disk. We can only guess where they came from.