Scheduling "save all listers"

Yes thank you, but.. o)

The first one is an external app, I don't think this makes much sense and I surely will not create scheduled tasks on all the computers to auto save my current DO layout.

The second seem to only save when closing things, that does not help for crashing computer/processes.

I found another one:

But this one also only seems to save things when actively closing a lister or something.

I somewhere read a post from Leo, that auto saving the default listers/layout with a script, whenever listers and tabs open, will create problems the moment DO starts (e.g.). That could be solved I guess, by using DOs "OnStartup" event? Maybe we could use this to set a global variable, which stores DO startup time and in events like "OnTabOpen/Close" or "OnListerOpen/Close" we check if DO is at least 5 minutes alive before actually saving the current listers/layout?

@Leo What do you think, would that work? Anything else to pay attention to? I'm not sure what will happen when opening pre-saved layouts after DO has been started with this. I don't load/use separate layouts. Is there a lister variable or something, which indicates whether a lister is part of "default" or loaded layout? -> EDIT: Checked myself, there is! o) So we are set? o)