SCreen resolution and button visibility

MY screen display settings are these:

I get buttons half-visible e.g. when searching:

You can resize the Find panel to whatever size you want.

Yes. But the button should be visible without one needing to! Problem comes with a crowded screen design, the components do move automatically and essential buttons such as the Find button in a search function really ought to be placed so they do not get half-hidden....

There isn't always room (depending on which other panels are open and how big the window is). Or you may want to resize the panel smaller to make more room for other things when looking at the results (while still seeing some of the criteria). Pushing return still runs the find as well, so the button isn't always needed, and the scrollbar on the right lets you scroll the button into view as well.

It's completely up to you how tall you make the utility panel. The default fits everything, but if you're coming from an older version then your saved panel size may need adjusting slightly for the new layout.

On Win 10 it seems fine. That is a much more standard (much older) display. I think I must have DOPus settings shared by the 2 systems. I will therefore clear all settings on the laptop.
I do want important buttons to be showing and that might solve it if I have custom settings from the other PC screwing up the design. On the laptop, all the same, I find a struggle seeing the Reply button for this Forum, so write my bit and then struggle to scroll the Reply button into view! Cheers