Screen Tearing on 4K Monitor

A few days ago I upgraded from a 1080p to a 4K monitor. I am using Windows 10, with scaling set to 200%, using Directory Opus in thumbnail view.

I am very pleased with the way Directory Opus looks at 4K. The pixel width/height of the thumbnails is actually doubled, in my case from 300x300 to 600x600, which looks really sharp and clean.

The only issue I noticed is screen tearing when using the mouse scroll wheel in thumbnail view. When scrolling down, the bottom 10% of the file display area appears to take about .5 seconds longer to load than the rest of the screen, tearing it. Likewise when scrolling up, the top 10% of the file display appears to take .5 seconds longer to load than the rest of the screen.

This issue only happens when scrolling with the mouse. Clicking and dragging the scroll bar works just fine.

Try turning off Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Smooth scrolling with mouse wheel/keyboard to see if that helps.

Beyond that, I'm not sure. It's not something I've noticed with my CPU/GPU/mouse/drivers, and I've been using 4K screens at 200% scaling on my main two machines almost exclusively for many years now.

Gotcha, I'll give that a try. I'll try updating my graphics drivers while I'm at it.

Turning off that setting fixed the issue for me

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