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Script BusyIndicator always on left side


I'm replying to an existing thread, but it might be a new issue.

As I mentioned previously I'm using 'BusyIndicator()' to show progress.

I updated to 12.16.5 beta, and now the BusyIndicator() only ever appears on the LEFT tab, regardless of whether it is source or dest. (IE, If I run the macro in the right window, the busy indicator still apears on the left.)

I believe this is new behaviour to 12.16.5, since I was testing/debugging under 12.16.4 and never noticed this.

I use a user defined command, and the command method looks something like;

function onMethod(data) {
   var active = DOpus.Create.BusyIndicator()
   var tab = data.func.sourcetab;
   active.Init(tab, title, true)
   active.Update( title, status )

I've tried data.func.sourcetab, data.func.desttab and even DOpus.listers.lastactive.activetab but it always appears in the left tab of the current lister.

I can forward you the script if that helps.


I can confirm the issue, but it's not as new as 12.16.5. It happened in 12.14.1 as well (the version I happen to have on a test machine).

We'll add it to our list to investigate.

Standalone script-button which reproduces the problem, based on the code above with the missing parts filled in:

function OnClick(clickData)
	var active = DOpus.Create.BusyIndicator();
	var tab = clickData.func.sourcetab;
	active.Init(tab, "Test", true);
	for (var i = 0; i <= 100; ++i)
		active.Update("Test", i);

Huge thanks for checking this. I dropped your test script into a button to test if horizontal split worked any differently. (it always appeared on the top pane)

I did however find that on 12.16.4 the progress bar always appears on the right pane.
I was always testing in the right pane, so I only noticed the problem when it moved to the left after installing 12.16.5 (Note the blue 'swirl

(It turns out restarting DOPus causes the issue to swap sides at random. It is now back on the left in 12.16.4 after a restart... :slight_smile: I don't reboot very often..)

This has been fixed for the next beta (12.17.1).

Thanks for reporting it!