Script Dialog > Static text > Assign Mnemonic/Accelerator key

I want to assign a mnemonic to the text field in my fancy Script Dialog below.
I have them assigned for the other fields but trouble with the text field.

First Screenshot
RHS screenshot below show the mnemonic assigned successfully for the Folder checkbox.
As you can see by using the & in the title the letter F is assigned which works.
LHS screenshot shows the mnemonic that is not working for the text field.

Second Screenshot
Second screenshot shows the dialog in operation.
Note how the text field has no separate title and the title text is appearing in the text field itself.
I was expecting the text field to be prepopulated with "Cue Text" as per the Cue text field setting.
Am I doing something wrong?

The way Windows works, the only controls that provide their own labels / mnemonics are buttons. For anything else, the label and mnemonic is provided by a separate static text control. The label needs to be immediately in front of the other control in the z-order.

Thanks Jon
Should I infer there is a workaround to be had?
Not sure what the z-order is - a windows term maybe.

Yes, put a static label before the control, and put the accelerator in that label. Same as you'll see in most Windows dialogs.