Script dialog tab label height not adjusting to font height

setting a script dialog tab label font is possible, but the height of tab title box is not changed as well.
see screenshot please.

If you can provide a test script for things like that it makes it much more likely they'll be looked at quickly :wink:

scripts a bit lengthy, here are relevant bits

// fonts
var titleFont = dialog.CreateFont('Courier New', 30);
var largeFont = dialog.CreateFont('*', 18, 'b');
var smallFont = dialog.CreateFont('*', 9, 'b');
var tinyFont = dialog.CreateFont('Courier New', 6);

// tab names
dialog.control('tab').label(0) = 'Half-Adder';|
dialog.control('tab').label(1) = 'tab two';|

That still needs a dialog to be created and all the supporting code written. We can put it on the list to look at anyway but if you provide a working script it makes the process much quicker.

okey dokey - here is script - Binary Adder.opusscriptinstall (45.0 KB)

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Thanks! Fixed in the next update.