Script dialog: Whole group selection when group's top item is changed

When I change the group for the item closest to the group header, it seems that the focus is automatically directed to it, selecting all items within the group. Is this some kind of bug and more importantly, any ideas on how to avoid it?

Changing the list to single selection (in the video it is in multiple selection) seems to mitigate the problem to some extent, but it is not ideal.

It looks like the checkboxes are reacting to mouse-down while the group heading is reacting to mouse-up.

So if you move the item out of the group when mouse-down happens on the checkbox, it may cause the group heading to be under the mouse, and the heading will then see the mouse-up over itself and react to it.

If you post the script I'll see if we can put in something to prevent it from happening, since I don't think scripts have much choice which button event they get notified about.

@jon I'll sent to you via PM.

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Thanks! Fixed in the next beta.

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Confirmed is working nicely in v.0.51

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