Script dialog with Tab Control: Issue when using Test in Script Editor

Update: Only happens when using Test while editing the dialog.
I was trying to update a script of mine but when resizing the window there are some problems in the tabs drawing, noticeable in this video.

Something similar happens if I place the OK and Close buttons in the same dialog as the Tab Control.

Nevermind, it seems that the problem only occurs in the Preview dialog. Testing in field and there are no drawing problems.

Could you paste the resources XML to help reproduce what you're seeing?

	<resource name="findreplace" type="dialog">
		<dialog fontsize="9" height="309" lang="english" resize="yes" title="Find and Replace" width="291">
			<control halign="left" height="27" multiline="yes" name="find_edit" resize="w" type="edit" width="285" x="3" y="12" />
			<control halign="left" height="27" multiline="yes" name="replace_edit" resize="w" type="edit" width="285" x="3" y="51" />
			<control height="10" name="case_cbx" title="Case sensitive ____________________" type="check" width="126" x="7" y="81" />
			<control height="10" name="ww_cbx" title="Whole words________________________" type="check" width="126" x="157" y="81" />
			<control height="10" name="regex_cbx" title="Regular expressions________________" type="check" width="126" x="7" y="93" />
			<control height="8" name="find_title" title="&lt;b&gt;Find:" type="markuptext" width="80" x="3" y="3" />
			<control height="8" name="replace_title" title="&lt;b&gt;Replace:" type="markuptext" width="80" x="3" y="42" />
			<control halign="left" height="12" image="yes" name="search_icon" type="static" valign="center" width="15" x="3" y="105" />
			<control halign="right" height="12" name="total_title" resize="x" title="Total:" type="static" valign="center" width="117" x="171" y="105" />
			<control height="10" name="diac_cbx" title="Ignore diacritics__________________" type="check" width="126" x="157" y="93" />
			<control halign="left" height="12" name="filter_edit" resize="w" type="edit" width="111" x="18" y="105" />
			<control height="12" name="clear_btn" resize="x" title="❌" type="button" width="15" x="129" y="105" />
			<control height="14" name="selall_btn" resize="xy" title="Select All" type="button" width="78" x="26" y="294" />
			<control height="14" name="selnone_btn" resize="xy" title="Select None" type="button" width="78" x="106" y="294" />
			<control height="14" name="invert_btn" resize="xy" title="Invert Selection" type="button" width="78" x="186" y="294" />
			<control checkboxes="auto" fullrow="yes" height="171" name="metadata_list" noheader="yes" nosortheader="yes" resize="wh" type="listview" viewmode="details" width="285" x="3" y="120">
					<item text="ch" />
					<item text="label" />
	<resource name="main" type="dialog">
		<dialog fontsize="9" height="333" lang="english" resize="yes" width="291">
			<control height="312" name="tabs_control" resize="wh" title="Search and Replace Metadata" type="tab" width="285" x="3" y="3">
					<tab dialog="findreplace" />
					<tab dialog="files" />
			<control close="1" height="14" name="ok_btn" resize="xy" title="OK" type="button" width="50" x="183" y="318" />
			<control close="0" height="14" name="cancel_btn" resize="xy" title="Cancel" type="button" width="50" x="235" y="318" />
	<resource name="files" type="dialog">
		<dialog fontsize="9" height="303" lang="english" resize="yes" title="Files" width="291">
			<control editlabels="yes" fullrow="yes" height="207" name="content_list" resize="wh" sort="yes" type="listview" viewmode="details" width="285" x="3" y="93">
					<item text="Value" />
					<item text="Label" />
					<item text="New Value" />
			<control halign="left" height="12" image="yes" name="search2_icon" type="static" valign="center" width="15" x="3" y="78" />
			<control halign="right" height="12" name="content_title" resize="x" title="Total:" type="static" valign="center" width="117" x="171" y="78" />
			<control halign="left" height="12" name="filtercontent_edit" resize="w" type="edit" width="111" x="18" y="78" />
			<control height="12" name="clear2_btn" resize="x" title="❌" type="button" width="15" x="129" y="78" />
			<control fullrow="yes" height="72" name="files_list" nosortheader="yes" resize="w" type="listview" viewmode="details" width="285" x="3" y="3">
					<item text="Filename" />
					<item text="Size" />

So far I haven't been able to reproduce the problem using Opus 13.0.54:

I don't know what to say, testing in v13.0.54 another dialogue with tabs and it looks like this:

Maybe something related to DPI is involved? (I'm using it at 125%)